Development Environment Setup

Setting Up Your Rocket.Chat Development Environment

As a developer, you might be keen on contributing to Rocket.Chat's growth by developing code, creating new features, or resolving bugs. To get started, you'll need to establish your development environment. This guide will direct you on how to do just that for various Rocket.Chat components.

  1. Rocket.Chat Core Server: This is the heart of the Rocket.Chat application. The setup guide for the server environment will instruct you on how to obtain the source code and install the necessary dependencies for development.

  2. Desktop Application: If you're interested in contributing to or building the Rocket.Chat desktop application, this section will guide you. It covers how to obtain the source code, dependencies, and tools required to configure your development environment, enabling you to build and run the desktop application.

  3. Mobile Application: This section provides details on setting up your development environment for creating the Rocket.Chat mobile application, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

  4. Omnichannel Live Chat: Learn how to set up and run the Omnichannel Live chat as a standalone component.

  5. Apps Engine: If you're interested in building Rocket.Chat apps, this section will guide you on setting up your development environment.

  6. Bots: This section is dedicated to setting up your development environment for creating bots that interact with Rocket.Chat. It also covers how to link with external services.

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