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Server Customization

Rocket.Chat provides a flexible and highly customizable environment for teams and organizations to collaborate effectively. As businesses and communities have unique branding, functional, and operational requirements, Rocket.Chat's customization capabilities play a pivotal role in tailoring the platform to align with these diverse needs. This guide aims to comprehensively walk you through the process of customizing your Rocket.Chat server, covering both fundamental and advanced customization options
In addition to White Labeling your deployed Rocket.Chat workspace, you also possess the capability to implement customizations directly within the codebase. This empowers you to construct and deploy a fully customized server, incorporating all desired modifications.
Across the Rocket.Chat server, some features you can customize include the following:
  • UI components:
  • Custom themes:
  • UI colors:
Last modified 3mo ago
Deprecation for cloud services and apps is now extended to November 20, 2023. Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.