Contribute to Rocket.Chat FAQs

I am just getting started with my open source journey. Should I try contributing to Rocket.Chat?

Sure! Anyone with a knack for programming and/or general interest in the project should start contributing irrespective of their open-source experience. There are both technical and non-technical ways to contribute to the project.

Where should I get started from for contributing to Rocket.Chat?

Beginners are strongly recommended to start with the issues labeled as "good first issues". They can also try their hands at contributing to documentation and raising issues (after all, these are also different types of open source contributions). Be sure to review our Code of Conduct before making any contributions.

Multiple technical and non-technical ways to contribute are described on the Ways to Contribute page.

If interested in contributing, review and sign the Contributor License Agreement prior to making a Pull Request.

I am stuck with the codebase. Where should I get help from?

If you are stuck with anything in the codebase, please contact the vast community of growing programmers in Rocket.Chat. You can also ask for help in the Rocket.Chat forums. If known, tag the person you think will be able to help you best according to their respective fields of expertise and tell them about your issue, and they will be more than happy to help you out.

I am not sure whether I am writing the code in the expected style. What should I do?

The Code Style Guide contains the expected guidelines for contributions. Reach out to the community for discussion if you're unsure about something specific.

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