App Internationalization

You can build your app in such a way that it can be adapted to different languages.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Create a folder named i18n at the root and create .json files with the abbreviation of each language you want your app to support. For example, en.json, pt.json. You can call the same file to translate the content across several app interactions.

  • In the JSON files, provide the corresponding text in the chosen language against each key. This text is displayed on the UI.

  • Define the keys that you want to create translations for. You can add these keys for functions such as slash commands, UIKit elements, or app settings.


The following points illustrate some examples to show how you can use app internationalization for your apps:

  • submit.send is a key to send a message to the channel with values as shown below:

    "submit.send": "Send Message to Channel"
    "submit.send": "Enviar Mensagem para o Canal"
  • The i18n folder of the Jitsi app contains the keys and values for the supported languages.

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