Rocket.Chat Apps-Engine

The Rocket.Chat Apps-Engine is a solution designed to streamline app development and enhance delivery speed. This platform empowers developers to create and operate applications within Rocket.Chat's infrastructure, leveraging pre-built components for ease and efficiency. It offers a comprehensive framework, enabling the development of secure, scalable apps that seamlessly integrate with Rocket.Chat functionalities.

Key Features of the Apps-Engine include:

  1. Security Compliance: Rocket.Chat ensures the highest standards of data privacy, security, and ownership for the apps developed on its platform.

  2. Robust Server Support: Utilizing the same infrastructure as Rocket.Chat, the Apps-Engine ensures effective traffic management and access to the latest features and updates. Apps run in a JavaScript runtime environment, ensuring compatibility and performance.

  3. Reduced Launch Time: The platform simplifies the development process by providing pre-built components to create various app features.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of creating Rocket.Chat apps using the Apps-Engine. It covers the basics of app creation, extending functionalities with slash commands, HTTP requests, event handlers, and interactive UI elements. Additionally, it delves into app configuration, data persistence, and other advanced features. Developers also have the opportunity to submit their apps to the Rocket.Chat Marketplace for public use or keep them private for their workspace.

The Rocket.Chat Marketplace serves as a hub for users to integrate various apps into their workspace, offering a platform for both publishing and installing developed apps.

For more information on installing and enabling apps in your workspace, refer to the Rocket.Chat Marketplace resources.

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