Rocket.Chat Apps Engine
The framework that enables users to create and host their own Rocket.Chat Apps.
The Rocket.Chat Apps-Engine is the framework that allows for the development of RC Apps. It provides the APIs for Rocket.Chat Apps to interact with the host system. These apps allow for a tighter integration with whatever workflow our users, covering most, if not all, things that incoming/outgoing integrations and bots do. Interestingly, it has got some tricks of its own, like adding interactive buttons to messages and opening modals (checkout Poll for a showcase) and much more!

Currently, a Rocket.Chat App can:

  • Listen to message events
    • before/after sent
    • before/after updated
    • before/after deleted
  • Listen to room events
    • before/after created
    • before/after deleted
  • Send messages to users and livechat visitors
  • Register new slash commands
  • Register new HTTP endpoints
Some features the Engine allows Apps to use:
  • Key-Value Storage system
  • App specific settings

Further Topics

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