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Botpress Quick Start Guide

Integrate Rocket.Chat with Botpress following this sample

Botpress workflow

This example workflow shows how Botpress can be integrated with Rocket.Chat Omnichannel Live Chat widget.


Let us see how to set up a Botpress server and integrate it with a Rocket.Chat workspace.


You are required to have a registered workspace and Omnichannel activated.

Install connector app

To be able to interact with the bot, you need a connector. Follow these steps to get it installed on your Rocket.Chat workspace.

  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Apps

  • Search and install the Botpress Connector app by Luis Hlatki

Cloning Example code

  • Clone the starter code and enter the directory by running

git clone botpress-lab-bot 
cd botpress-lab-bot

Edit the docker-compose.yml file to remove the rocketchat and mongo services if you already have a running instance of Rocket.Chat.

  • Spin up the container with

docker compose up -d
  • The botpress dashboard is made available at on port 3001 visit it and configure the admin user

  • Import the bot_lab.tgz found in the directory cloned above

  • Set the bot id as lab and Import bot

  • Click on the bot to open up then click Train chatbot at the bottom right

Create a bot and agent user

Create the following Rocket.Chat users to be used for the integration

  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Users

    • Create a bot user for the bot with these roles: bot, user, livechat-agent and livechat-manager

    • Create an agent user with these roles user and livechat-agent

  • Configure the Botpress Connector installed earlier in Administration > Apps > Installed > Botpress Connector > Settings with the following details:

    • Rocket.Chat bot username: bot

    • Botpress bot id: lab

    • Botpress server URL: <http://your-botpress-server-url>

    • Default handover department: GENERAL

    • Then Save changes

Configure Omnichannel

  • Navigate to Avatar Menu > Omnichannel > Departments

    • Create a GENERAL department and enable it to show on the registration form. Set the bot user as an agent

    • Create an OTHER omnichannel department, don't enable show on the registration form and set the user agent as an agent

You should have something like below

  • Edit the user agent user status to available

  • Log in as the bot user and create a PAT (Personal Access Token) without 2 Factor Authentication and copy it. see this guide

Configure Botpress settings

Back on your botpress server dashboard, do these settings to complete. This involves setting up details about your Rocket.Chat server.

  • Fill in the Rocket.Chat server URL and PATH gotten from above in the bot.config.json file at Dashboard > Code Editor > Configurations > Current Bot > bot.config.json then Save

  • Update the transfer room ID with that of the desired department ID in Dashboard > Flows > Main Flow > transfer-room node

Testing the Integration

To test the integration,

  • Visit http://<your Rocket.Chat server>/livechat and start a new Live Chat conversation.

  • Optionally you can integrate the Live Chat widget while taking into consideration the X-Frame-Options

When successful, you should see something like below

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Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.