Get Room Roles

Get a collection of users and their roles per room. You can send a collection of room ids (at least one).
The user roles per room object is defined as:
  • rid: The room id this user and role belongs to
  • u: A simple user object with the user id and username
  • roles: The collection of roles of the user in the room
  • _id: the id of this object

Example Call

"msg": "method",
"method": "getRoomRoles",
"id": "42",
"params": [ "room-id" ]

Example Response

"msg": "result",
"id": "42",
"result": [
"rid": "room-id",
"u": { "_id": "user-id", "username": "username" },
"roles": [ "role-name" ],
"_id": "id"
Last modified 7mo ago
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