The Rocket.Chat Server is the foundation of the Rocket.Chat project, providing a highly scalable and reliable functionalities for the messaging and collaboration platform. It is built using modern web technologies, including Node.js, MongoDB, and Meteor, and is designed to be scalable and secure, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes.
Rocket.Chat clients communicate with the server mainly through APIs and WebSocket connections thus allowing for real-time communication and updates, providing a seamless experience for users.
Data is stored in MongoDB and files are stored locally on the system running the server or over network services like Amazon S3.
The Rocket.Chat Server is open source, highly customizable, and extensible, allowing developers to contribute and develop custom and new functionalities to the platform. Learn more about contributing here Developing.
It can be compiled and deployed on-premise or in the cloud, providing flexibility for organizations to choose the hosting environment that best meets their needs. Get more information about deployment here.
The server code can be found on this repository
Get familiar with the repository by following the Repository Structure.