Documentation Contribution Guidelines

Here's everything you need to start contributing to Rocket.Chat documentation.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Rocket.Chat documentation. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Finding a Task: Locate an issue you'd like to work on from our issues list for user documentation or developer documentation and comment with your interest. We'll add an In Progress label.

  2. Using a Gitbook Workspace: Set up a Gitbook workspace and follow these steps:

  3. Local Environment Setup: Set up your local environment using this guide.

    • Install any code editor of your choice, VSCode is the recommended

    • Launch VSCode and install the Auto-Open Markdown Preview and markdownlint extensions. This will help with automatically formatting your changes and prompts for any errors.

    • Fork and clone the user docs or developers docs repository

    • Open the project in VSCode and start making your changes

  4. Creating a New Pull Request (PR): PRs should follow the following naming convention:

    • When adding new documentation, add New Documentation**:** before the title. E.g. New Documentation: Authentication Guide

    • When fixing documentation, add Fix Documentation: before the title. E.g. Fix Documentation: Authentication Guide

    • When updating documentation, add Update Documentation**:** before the title. E.g. Update Documentation: Authentication Guide

    • If your PR closes an issue, indicate so with "Closes #ISSUE_NUMBER".

  5. Creating Drafts: If you can't complete full documentation for a new feature, create a draft as a single file PR with the necessary information.

  6. Testing Changes: You can test your changes:

    • Using Live Preview Locally: The Auto-Open Markdown Preview installed on VSCode can help automatically preview directly in your editor.

    • Using GitBook: Simply fork our docs repository, create a space on GitBook, and activate the GitHub Integration on your fork. This gives you a means of previewing your changes before submitting a PR.

For further guidelines on contributing to Rocket.Chat documentation, visit Markdown Style Guide and Documentation Template

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