You can build several Chatbot apps for your Rocket.Chat workspace to assist your customers and automate certain customer support activities within your business. They can be considered an agent who is 24/7 active. A typical example includes the Dialogflow and Rasa apps.

These apps enhance conversational experiences for your users. It can send quick reply buttons to your customers when an agent has not replied to their message.

They work with all channel apps.

They utilize event handlers provided by the Rocket.Chat app engine, particularly the executePostMessageSentHandler, to listen to visitors' messages and then forward those messages to respective services like Dialogflow/Rasa. Once a response is received from these services, the applications send the response back to the Rocket.Chat room where the conversation with the visitor is taking place.

Some existing Chatbots apps in the Rocket.Chat Marketplace includes:

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Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.