List Custom Emoji

This method is planned to be removed by 7.0.0. Use the /emoji-custom.list endpoint instead.

Returns a list of custom emoji registered in the workspace.

NameRequires Auth



Example Call

    "msg": "method",
    "method": "listEmojiCustom",
    "id": "42",
    "params": []

Example Response

    "msg": "result",
    "id": "42",
    "result": [
            "_id": "64a4ac9c7d04b8fc25af9c9d",
            "name": "hola",
            "aliases": [
            "extension": "png",
            "_updatedAt": {
                "$date": 1688513692757

The Emoji Object

The emoji is defined as:

  • _id: The emoji id

  • name: The emoji friendly name

  • aliases: A collection of alias for the emoji. The alias is used to identify the emoji on the text and for fast reference from typing( :emoji-alias:) .

  • extension: The emoji file extension

  • _updatedAt: The date when the emoji was updated to the server

Showing the emoji image

To show the custom emoji images, you simply need to request this URL:

${ path }/emoji-custom/${ encoded(name) } }.${ extension }.


    "_id": "emoji-id",
    "name": "Emoji Name",
    "aliases": [ "emoji-alias" ],
    "extension": "png",
    "_updatedAt": { "$date": 1480377601 }

The URL to access this emoji will be:

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