Pull Request's Tags

Rocket.Chat encourages contributions from developers worldwide. One of the primary ways to contribute is through pull requests (PRs). PRs are a critical part of maintaining and improving the software, and they can range from bug fixes to the addition of new features. However, it's essential to follow specific guidelines when submitting a PR to ensure clarity and ease of understanding for the reviewers. This guide provides a succinct overview of the best practices for creating PRs for Rocket.Chat.

When contributing to Rocket.Chat, it's crucial to choose the right PR tag to describe your work accurately. These tags can include:


Here's a brief explanation of each:

Contributing to Rocket.Chat through pull requests is a valuable way to improve the platform and engage with the open-source community. By following these guidelines for PR tags, contributors can ensure their work is understood and appreciated by the Rocket.Chat team and the broader community. Remember, the key is to describe what's being changed, fixed, or added, not how it was done. Happy contributing!

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