Get Avatars

Avatars are fetched from the server for each room and user, giving the client control over the size and format of the returned image.

HTTP MethodURLRequires Auth




Path Variables

KeyExample ValueDescription


alice, @general

Name of the user or channel.

Channels are always preceded by an @ symbol. Rooms that are DMs are always represented by the other participant's user avatar.

Query Parameters

The following query parameters are optional.

KeyExample ValueDescription



Format of the image requested.

The values can be one of: jpg, jpeg, png.



Width and height of the image. Default: 200



User ID for authenticating is only required if Accounts_AvatarBlockUnauthenticatedAccess is enabled.



User auth token for authenticating is only required if Accounts_AvatarBlockUnauthenticatedAccess is enabled.

Example Call

curl http://localhost:3000/avatar/alice?size=50


  • This is a RESTful endpoint that sits separately from the REST API in the server codebase and behaves slightly differently.

  • The rc_uid and rc_token can alternately be provided as cookies (already present in the web interface), but not as auth headers.

  • When requesting the avatar of a user, if they have a custom avatar set, this will override the user's choices of format or size.

  • If no uploaded avatar exists for a user, a default one will be generated for them based on the initial of their username in a randomly colored square.

    • If UI_Use_Name_Avatar is set AND the user has a real name set; the generated avatar will be based on their actual name instead of the username.

  • If no format is requested, or the format requested isn't supported, the format returned will be SVG.

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