Publisher Webhooks

A marketplace publisher can register a webhook endpoint link to receive news and updates regarding their marketplace apps.

Setting Webhook during publisher registration: During your publisher registration, you can input a link in the optional webhook link field.

For already registered publishers: This webhook information can be added or edited on their own dashboard in the Publisher Information section.

Publisher Webhook Payload

The payload when an event occurs is of this format.

  "type": "compile",
  "appName": "Out of Office Responder",
  "appID": "09a2b0d8-94d0-433d-a53e-3961a3bb0205",
  "extra": "system-compile-failure",
  "when": "2021-06-14T16:02:10.97642-03:00"

The fields are:

  • type: The type of event. Possible events are compile, adminAction and purchaseOrSubscription.

  • appName: The name of the app the event is related to.

  • appID: The id of the app the event is related to.

  • extra: String with extra information related to the event. Field topology is {who did the event}-{event specific description}.

  • when: Timestamp for when the event happened.

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