Creating Your Own Bot From Scratch
This document outlines the steps required to create your first bot with Rocket.Chat.

Steps to Create a Bot

1. Create a bot user

In order to talk to your chatbot, there must be a user account pre-configured on the Rocket.Chat server that the bot can use to log in.
To add user accounts you need to have admin privileges:
  • On the top bar, click the three dots (Options) and then click Administration
  • Select Users from the left sidebar
  • Click + (Add User) button in the right sidebar
  • In the profile window that appears, fill in the Name, Username, Email, and Password fields
  • Enable Verified toggle under the Email field
  • Disable Require password change toggle under the Password field
  • Select bot from the Add Role dropdown menu and click Add Role button to the right
  • Disable Join default channels and Send welcome email checkboxes
  • Click Save
Once saved, the bot's credential will be configured with the HAT_USER and ROCKETCHAT_PASSWORD environmental variables of your bot.
To avoid creating multiple accounts for bot emails, you can use a Gmail +address alias. For example: [email protected]. See this issue for more.

2. Code your bot

To make the process of coding a bot easier and faster, you may want to check our existing guides below to deploy a basic bot instance quickly. As an advanced alternative, you can create your bot from the scratch using your favorite framework.

3. Talk to your bot

If the bot is configured to listen to direct messages (RESPOND_TO_DM=true), and messages are prepended with BOT_NAME or a preconfigured BOT_ALIAS, the bot will usually respond to all messages addressed directly to the bot user (depending on the particular bot framework).