Desktop Changing Default Settings


In changing the Desktop App default settings, we assume you have followed the guide on Desktop App and that you are familiar with the development stack which makes use of (git, node. javascript, and electron).


Usually, the first thing you want to change are the icons. There are a few folders that you need to take note of. From your root project directory, assets can be changed or customized in the following directories.
Pay attention that these files are React components and you can change them correctly. When the changes are done, generate your new files by running...
yarn build-assets

Tray Icon

If you want to customize the TrayIcon, there are two ways:
  • Open public/images/tray there you can check all current icons used by the application. You can change files if you want.
  • Open and change ui/icon/AppIcon.tsx this is the icon base used to automatically generate all the icons, if you are used with tsx/jsx probably this is the easiest way to go.
// change ui/icon/AppIcon.tsx and run
yarn build-assets


To change the About screen, head on to ./src/ui/components/AboutDialog/index.tsx where you can change the copyright. If you've changed the logo already, it will automatically reflect on this page.
const copyright = `© 2016-${new Date().getFullYear()}, Rocket.Chat`;

Building and Packaging

We use electron-builder to "compile" and produce the executable files, just check the file electron-builder.json
Here you should change all references to the term according to what each setting means.
See the electron builder configuration page for more details not covered here.
Automatic updates can be maintained as specified here.
After any change in configuration is made, bu sure to build a new release by running:
yarn build
yarn release
For more information or to see how we configure the CI/CD, please check out