Rocket.Chat Developer

Welcome to the developer documentation for Rocket.Chat.
With the help of unique applications, powerful plugins, and webhooks, Rocket.Chat enables you to expand and personalize your workspace. You can also integrate any custom apps you've developed on top of Rocket.Chat's webhooks to deliver data from external services into Rocket. Chat.
To learn more about Rocket.Chat, please visit our user guide.

Build and Integrate

Extend more with RocketChat using Apps, Webhooks, Live chat, and Rest APIs. As a developer, you can create your desktop and mobile Rocket.Chat app. You can also create an app engine to enable users to operate more efficiently with their server, with the flexibility to integrate their workflows with preferred apps like Github and Jira, and less risk of data loss. You can also build your Omnichannel apps.

Extend and Customize

Extend Rocket.Chat's functionalities and customize the entire solution for your use case using Bots and Rocket.Chat API.


Irrespective of your technical experience, you can contribute to Rocket.Chat by creating issues, writing documentation, and making changes following our contribution guidelines.


Join our open server, community, and repositories for more collaborations. You can also get help from our global community and open channels.