Rocket.Chat Developer

A resource created to assist developers in building upon the Rocket.Chat platform.

Rocket.Chat is more than just a communication platform. It's a versatile workspace that you can tailor to your needs with unique integrations, powerful apps, and webhooks. You can even integrate your custom apps using Rocket.Chat's webhooks to funnel data from external services.

Here's what you can do:

Build and Integrate: Enhance your Rocket.Chat experience with Apps, Webhooks, Live chat, and Rest APIs. As a developer, you have the power to create your own desktop and mobile Rocket.Chat apps. Rocket.Chat apps engine provides a framework that enables users to create and host Rocket.Chat custom apps, integrate workflows with popular apps like Github and Jira, and minimize data loss. You can even build your own Omnichannel apps.

Extend and Customize: Take control of your workspace. Use Bots and the Rocket.Chat API to extend Rocket.Chat's capabilities and tailor the platform to your specific needs.

Contribute: Your expertise matters. Regardless of your technical background, you can contribute to Rocket.Chat. Create issues, write documentation, or make changes in line with our contribution guidelines.

Connect: Join our open server, community, and repositories for more collaborations. Get assistance from our global community and open channels.

To learn more about Rocket.Chat, please visit our user guide. Welcome aboard, and let's build better communication together!

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