Modes of Contribution

Rocket.Chat welcomes contributions from its community in various forms. Your participation can significantly enhance the platform's functionality, security, and accessibility. Here are several ways you can contribute:

Develop: By contributing code, you can directly influence the improvement and expansion of Rocket.Chat's features. Whether it's fixing bugs, optimizing existing features, or introducing new ones, your development skills can make a significant impact.

Test: Participate in the testing process of various Rocket.Chat applications. Your performance, usability, and overall experience feedback can help refine the platform and ensure a seamless user experience.

Report bugs: If you encounter any bugs or broken functionalities, reporting them is a valuable contribution. Your reports help maintain the platform's reliability and efficiency.

Document: Enhance the Rocket.Chat community's understanding by contributing to the platform's documentation. This could involve creating new guides, updating existing ones, or clarifying complex processes.

Security: Help keep Rocket.Chat secure by improving security measures or reporting potential security issues. Your vigilance can protect the platform and its users from potential threats.

Translating: Assist in making Rocket.Chat accessible to non-English speakers by improving existing translations or introducing new ones. Your linguistic skills can help break down language barriers and expand Rocket.Chat's global reach.

Promoting: Spread the word about Rocket.Chat. By sharing your positive experiences, writing reviews, or recommending the platform to others, you can help grow the Rocket.Chat community.

Regardless of its nature, each contribution plays a crucial role in enhancing Rocket.Chat and foster a vibrant, collaborative community.

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