Omnichannel Environment Setup

The RocketChat omnichannel feature provides a multi-channel environment for communication between companies and their customers.

Setting Up LiveChat

The Rocket.Chat LiveChat platform, is developed with Preact.
It altogether is a very small lightweight application designed to facilitate B2C (Business-to-customer) communication between Agents and website visitors.
This setup is done assuming you have a Rocket.Chat server running. We will use a local instance at http://localhost:3000.


You are required to have the following installed already on your machine before starting. If you don't, please take a minute and get them ready.

Get the LiveChat Code

Open up your terminal/command line and navigate or cd into your working directory and clone the LiveChat source code from our repository by executing the following script
cd ./working-directory
git clone

Run the LiveChat Code

  1. 1.
    Navigate into the cloned directory and install the dependencies by running
cd Rocket.Chat.Livechat
2. Build preact application to /build folder after executing
yarn dev
In another terminal, run webpack with hot reload at http://localhost:8080 by executing
yarn start
Open up the widget-demo.html file in your browser: http://localhost:8080/widget-demo.html
You should see a page with the LiveChat initiation icon at the bottom right.
For better performance, you can run this widget-demo.html on an HTTP server.