Graphics Guidelines

These guidelines help ensure that the app assets meet the technical requirements for uploading to the marketplace, avoiding potential rejection or delays in the app review process.

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App Icons

App icons create the first impression potential users get from your app. A well-designed icon can lead to more downloads by conveying the app's purpose and capturing users’ attention.

The app icon is displayed on:

  1. App listing

  2. App detail

  3. Rocket.Chat sidebar


Dimensions: 256x256px

Format: JPG, PNG (without transparency)


Ensure that your app icon is unique by searching the Marketplace for existing apps with similar icons before designing it.

Do design an unique app icon that stands out from competitors.

Don’t design an app icon identical to the icon of an existing app.

Do use a simple and recognizable design that conveys the app's purpose. Do follow the visual guides so the app icon can be read in different contexts.

Don't use a complicated or cluttered design that may be difficult to recognize or distinguish. Don't include the name of your app inside the app icon.

Do use a background color.

Don't use transparent backgrounds, as the app icon may not have enough contrast to be properly displayed on different themes of Rocket.Chat.

Do use the visual guides to center your logo within the frame manually.

Don't automatically center your logo within the frame; its shapes may require manual adjustments to optimize its optical balance.

App Screenshots

App screenshots help potential users understand what the app does and how it works, which can increase the likelihood of installs. High-quality screenshots can enhance the app's overall branding and improve its perceived quality.


Dimensions: 960x540px

Format: JPG, PNG (without transparency)


Do use clear, high-resolution images showcasing the app's features and functionality.

Don't use low-quality, blurry, or stretched images that do not present the app accurately or attractively.

Display the most important information and features first, using a descriptive and compelling headline highlighting the app's benefits.

Don't crowd the screenshots with too much information or use vague or generic headlines.

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