Admin Autocomplete Room Name for Private and Public Rooms

List public and private rooms whose names match a given string, excluding DMs and omnichannel rooms. This endpoint is valuable when performing search operations. Only workspace administrators can use it.

HTTP MethodURLRequires Auth



Query Parameters

KeyExample ValueDescription



The term to be completed. It only applies to room name.

Example Call

curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:3000/api/v1/rooms.autocomplete.channelAndPrivate?selector=[]\
--header 'X-Auth-Token: myauth-token' \
--header 'X-User-Id: myuser-name'

Example Response


    "items": [
            "_id": "664f0d815df46832f75b1877",
            "fname": "rangig",
            "name": "Ch9xkYwGHnsLe7CQR",
            "t": "c"
            "_id": "664f0d525df46832f75b1860",
            "fname": "rancher",
            "name": "rancher",
            "t": "p"
            "_id": "6630e94ad2226209149c67e2",
            "fname": "random",
            "name": "random",
            "t": "c"
    "success": true


The following errors can occur:

  • Authorization: Requires an authentication token for the request to be made.

  • Selector Param: Requires selector param for the request to be made.

    "status": "error",
    "message": "You must be logged in to do this."

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