Documentation Feedback Guidelines
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    Documentation Feedback Guidelines

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    Rocket.Chat values the accuracy and relevance of its documentation to ensure users and developers can effectively utilize the platform. Maintaining top-notch documentation is a collaborative effort involving the readers, users, and the documentation team. As a result, we welcome your feedback to help us improve.

    Here’s how you can leave feedback on the Rocket.Chat documentation:

    1. Feedback prompt: At the end of each document, there is a prompt asking if the document was helpful, with options for "Yes" or "No."

    2. Positive feedback: If you select "Yes," you will be prompted to leave a comment. We urge you to provide your email address so our team can contact you for further clarification if needed and to keep you informed about the status of your feedback.

    3. Constructive criticism: If you select "No," you will see prepared options from which you can choose. If these options don’t fully capture your feedback, you can leave a comment and provide an optional email address to be notified of any updates.

    When you submit the feedback, the documentation team will be notified and make adjustments as needed.

    Your email address is secure with us. It will only be used to notify you about the changes you requested and will not be shared or used for any other purposes without your explicit approval.

    Feedback template

    Follow the guide below to submit your feedback.

    1. What is the current behavior?

      Please provide detailed steps for reproducing the current behavior.

    2. What is the expected behavior?

    3. New documentation request.

      Please provide any relevant information, including links to hosted images or videos, explaining how we can best use your feedback.

    Keeping Rocket.Chat documentation up-to-date is a shared responsibility between our documentation team and readers. By following these guidelines, you can effectively communicate feedback and help ensure our documentation remains reliable so that you can make the best use of all Rocket.Chat has to offer.

    Our goal is to maintain clarity and accuracy in our documentation, making Rocket.Chat easy to use, and your feedback plays a vital role in achieving this.

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