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    The Rasa app facilitates the integration of your Rasa bot with Rocket.Chat, enabling you to handle conversations from multiple channels through a single Rasa bot.

    To set up your Rasa server, visit the Rasa installation guide.

    Rasa app operation modes

    The Rasa app operates in two modes: Synchronous and Asynchronous modes.

    Synchronous mode

    The app utilizes Rasa's REST API to exchange messages in synchronous mode. To enable this mode, configure the Rasa bot's credentials.yml file and enable the REST API.

    Asynchronous/callback mode

    In asynchronous mode, the app utilizes callbacks to receive messages from Rasa. It is helpful if your app uses features like Reminders and External events, as they only work in this mode. To configure Rasa for this mode, you need to include the following configuration in the credentials.yml file of your Rasa server:

      url: "<your-callback-url"

    To get your app callback URL, navigate to the Rasa App Info > Details > APIs on your workspace.

    Install Rasa app

    It's recommended to install the Rasa app from Rocket.Chat marketplace.

    Set up Rasa app

    • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Users and create a new user with the following roles:

      • bot

      • livechat-agent

    • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Omnichannel > Routing and enable Assign new conversations to bot agent.

    • On the Rasa App Info screen, navigate to Settings.

    • Update the required fields:

      • Bot Username: Set the username of the bot you created earlier. This is the user who will assist with the conversations through Rasa integration.

      • Rasa Server URL: The URL of your Rasa server (for example, http://localhost:5005).

      • Service Unavailable Message: A message sent to your customer if service is unavailable.

      • Close Chat Message: A message sent to your customer when a conversation is closed.

      • Handover Message: A message sent to a customer upon handover.

      • Default Handover Department Name: The target department name where you want to transfer the customer upon handover.

      • Enable Callbacks: Enable callbacks to allow the app to use only callback messages. It is useful when you are using reminder messages in your RASA bot.

      • Hide Quick Replies: If enabled, all quick replies will hide when customers click on any of them.

    • Click Save Changes.

    Add quick replies support to your Rasa bot

    Rasa App provides out-of-the-box support for quick replies to improve customer conversations. To add quick replies, you can follow the structure of the rich responses defined in Rasa.

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