Repository Structure

This section is intended to familiarize you with the Rocket.Chat repository structure.
Rocket.Chat uses a monorepo to house several pieces of required code and packages needed by various Rocket.Chat projects like the Apps Engine, LiveChat, etc.
This makes it easier to maintain and share the code without duplicating it.

Directory Structure

├── _templates/
├── apps/
│   └── meteor/
│   ├── app/ # Features of Rocket.Chat
│   ├── client/ # General frontend only related code
│   ├── definition/
│   ├── ee/ # Enterprise related code
│   ├── imports/
│   ├──*
│   ├── lib/ # Helper functions, classes, and methods
│   ├── package.json
│   ├── packages/ # Meteor packages customized in use
│   ├── private/ # Private files and assets only available within the project
│   ├── public/ # Publicly available files served directly from the project root
│   ├── server/ # Server side only code
│   ├── tests/ # Tests
├── ee/
│   └── apps/
├── package.json
├── packages/ # Houses sharable code that can be used by different projects
│   ├── agenda/
│   ├── api-client/
│   ├── cas-validate/
│   ├── core-typings/ # Type definitions used for core Rocket.Chat
│   │   ├── src/
│   ├── eslint-config/ # Config files and rules for code and unit tests
│   │   ├── best-practices/
│   │   ├── errors/
│   │   ├── ...
│   │   └── variables/
│   ├── livechat/
│   ├── model-typings/
│   ├── models/
│   ├── rest-typings/ # Signatures of endpoints
│   ├── ui-client/
│   ├── ui-contexts/
│   └── ui-video-conf/


Here you will find the various features available in Rocket.Chat. Each main folder under this directory has a client/ and a server/ subdirectories that hold the client and server-side code for that feature, respectively. In some cases, you will find the lib/ directory, which contains code that can be used by both the server and client part of the app. Learn more from the Meteor guide.
New features are being added to Rocket.Chat and will not follow this legacy meteor structure under the apps/folder. It will follow a different structure, but the code in the existing structure will still be maintained.


Where a combination of multiple components comes together in action to build a single Rocket.Chat page is seen by client-side users.
  • apps/meteor/client/views/is a very good starting point for beginners to see and trace code functionality
  • The root view here can be seen in apps/meteor/client/views/root/AppRoot.tsx where execution in the front begins


A collection of objects that are reused on all of the client sides. This is to:
  • Limit code duplication
  • Encourage contributors to use the code that is already existing in the codebase
  • Avoid re-implementing logic or re-create functions


Any meteor packages used within the project or customized for a specific purpose. Examples include the meteor-accounts-linkedin for Linkedin login service, rocketchat-i18n for internationalization, etc


Has meteor methods.


Has general-purpose functions relating to server-side code.