Vscode is the most used and recommended text editor for the Rocket.Chat codebase. Together with the Prettier plugin, we have a set of rules defined in the codebase for best formatting.
Specific language configurations are in the .editorconfig.
We provide a prettier config and eslint config in our repos, so as long as those plugins are installed on your editor, code style will be automatically followed


The eslint takes charge of formatting all the javascript code. The Rocket.Chat codebase has migrated to using only typescript .ts files.
Convention for React and Components are specified in the fuselage wiki.
Conventions · RocketChat/fuselage Wiki


The typescript convention is described in the fuselage Wiki.
Conventions · RocketChat/fuselage Wiki


Any Go related piece of code should be formatted with the gofmt formatter.

Shell Script

Any Shell related piece of code should be formatted with the shfmt formatter.
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