Rocket.Chat Developer
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    Rocket.Chat Developer

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    Rocket.Chat is more than just a communication platform. It's a versatile workspace that you can tailor to your needs. You can even integrate your custom apps using Rocket.Chat's webhooks to funnel data from external services.

    This guide is created to assist developers in building upon the Rocket.Chat platform. Here’s what you can do:

    Deploy Rocket.Chat

    Learn the various deployment options to get Rocket.Chat up and running quickly and efficiently in your environment.

    Set up your development environment

    To get started, set up your development environment for the various Rocket.Chat components:

    • Rocket.Chat core server: This is the heart of the Rocket.Chat application. Learn how to get the source code and install the necessary dependencies for development.

    • Desktop application: Learn how to set up and customize your development environment to build and run Rocket.Chat desktop application.

    • Mobile application: This details setting up your development environment for creating the Rocket.Chat mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

    Build and integrate

    Enhance your Rocket.Chat experience by:

    • Creating Bots that interact with Rocket.Chat. You can also integrate external bots from the Rocket.Chat marketplace.

    • Using Apps-Engine to create and host custom Rocket.Chat apps and integrate workflows with popular tools like GitHub and Jira.

    • Building Omnichannel apps to interact seamlessly with customers across various channels.

    Extend and customize

    Take control of your Rocket.Chat workspace by:

    • Using the Rocket.Chat API to extend Rocket.Chat's capabilities and tailor the platform to your specific needs.

    • Leveraging Fuselage, Rocket.Chat’s design system to create consistent and high-quality user interfaces.

    • White-labeling or integrating iframe your workspace to suit your brand identity.


    Your expertise matters; regardless of your technical background, you can contribute to Rocket.Chat by creating issues, writing code, implementing new features, or fixing bugs, all in line with the contribution guidelines.

    You can also contribute to the documentation by providing feedback according to the feedback guidelines.


    Join the open server community and repositories to connect and collaborate. Get assistance from the global community and open channels.

    Visit the user guide to learn more about Rocket.Chat. Welcome aboard, and let's build better communication together!

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