Thank you for your interest in contributing to Rocket.Chat. If this is the first Open Source project you will contribute to, we strongly suggest reading GitHub's excellent guide "Contributing to Open Source".

Getting Started

You can find our projects here. Go to the Issues tab, and when you find something you would like to work on, just comment on it, and we will add an In Progress label.
If you already have a work in progress pull request open for that issue, you can link that issue on your pull request or write Closes #ISSUE_NUMBER where the ISSUE_NUMBER is the number at the end of the link URL.
Assigned Issues:
Sometimes you'll stumble upon issues that have an Assignee. Assignees are trusted people that are responsible for that issue (usually core team members).
But that doesn't mean you can't contribute! Every issue is open, and any help is welcome. Feel free to work on anything you want. You are encouraged to discuss your progress with the community in the comments, it doesn't mean other people can't work on it. Don't be discouraged from tackling something you feel like doing.
Where to Find Tasks:
Want a simple task to get you started? We maintain a list of those! Or search for issues tagged contrib:easy
Check our developer guides for more detailed information about pull requests, workflow, and API docs.
An in-depth procedure for setting up your development environment can be found here
  • Priority Features and/or Bug fixes

If you want a feature or bug fix to be developed with a higher priority: