Rocket.Chat Apps and Apps Engine

Rocket.Chat Apps Engine

The Rocket.Chat Apps Engine provides a framework that enables users to create and host Rocket.Chat Apps. It provides the APIs for Rocket.Chat Apps to interact with the host system. These apps allow for a tighter incoming/outgoing integration with Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat App

Rocket.Chat apps are extensions that users can add to their workspaces to customize and enhance their functionality. Apps can be integrated with third-party services.
The Rocket.Chat Marketplace provides a repository of apps users can browse, install and manage directly from within their workspace. You can also develop your own apps using the Rocket.Chat Apps engine.
These Apps can do the following :
  • Display interactive and dynamic content on their own surface - like a modal or the room’s contextual bar.
  • Create buttons in the UI for users to interact with native content.
  • Create slash commands for users to trigger more generic interactions.
  • Register endpoints to receive data from other applications and services.
  • Work on both desktop and mobile clients.
  • Send messages to users; create and manage public channels, groups, discussions, and threads.
Features the Engine allows Apps to use:
  • Key-Value Storage System
  • App-specific settings
You can also create and publish an App on the Marketplace to share with other users.
Learn more about getting public apps to your workspace here:

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