App Submission to the Marketplace
So, you just finished writing your first Rocket.Chat App, and you have successfully tested it locally which means you are ready to submit it to the Marketplace for others to use. This article will take you through the process, step-by-step.
When you submit an App, there is a three-step process that takes place. In the first step, you submit the App to the Marketplace (explained below). Secondly, you will receive an email that asks for you to approve or reject the App submission (more on this later as well). Finally, after you approve the entry, then our staff will review it and determine whether it is to be approved published or not.

Packaging the app

Currently the Rocket.Chat servers and Marketplace allow submission of zip files, these files can be created by running rc-apps package which packages your app and creates the zip file under dist folder.

App Submission

To be able to submit an App to the Marketplace, the Publisher must have a Cloud Account and register their Publisher Account.
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